Marketing for Arts Week Everywhere


"We need a strategic marketing plan to get people to these events and for those people to share what's happening with their social networks."

Al Lyons
Nonprofit Management Professor, School of Public & Environmental Affairs, Indiana University


Arts Week Everywhere places a special focus on Indiana University students, whose creative energy and passion for the arts shape life in Bloomington, both on and off campus.  In 2012, I collaborated with students in the School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana university to develop and coordinate a strategic marketing plan that utilized apps, social media, and articles to spread the word about a week-long arts festival.

Events marketed included:

  • Interactive exhibit of Chinese paper kites at the Indiana University  Art Museum

  • Bloomington Playwrights Project's "Three Views of the Same Object."

  • Contemporary Dance program's "Hammer and Nail"

  • Jacobs School of Music's Jazz Celebration Concert

  • African American Arts Institute's Choral Ensemble

  • Indiana University Theatre and Drama's "Cabaret,"

  • Jacobs School of Music's opera "Candide"

  • 3D light display at the Sample Gates

  • IU Cinema's Latino Film Festival

  • Cardinal Stage's "Bachelorette"


Indiana University Theater & Drama
Bloomington Playwright Project
Indiana University Art Museum
African American Institute
Cardinal Stage Company
Jacobs School of Music

Project Outputs


A 6-month digital and print marketing strategy was utilized to increase awareness and attendance to events for a city-wide arts festival.


Mobile apps, blogs, social media accounts, radio announcements, newspaper ads, campus mail, posters, data analytics


"For almost 30 years, Arts Week has recognized and showcased the splendid artistic talent that makes this campus and community such a special place."

Lauren Robel
Professor of Law; Provost, Indiana University, Bloomington; Executive Vice President, Indiana University

Client & Community Outcomes


The central concept was to develop an audience for the festival who would share their experiences with their immediate communities on social networking sites to raise awareness and engagement.


New students at Indiana University and those not engaged int he community weren't aware of the Arts Week Everywhere Festival.  We changed this by marketing the festival in multiple ways using print and digital media to develop an audience and increase engagement and attendance with events.