Book Publishing Workshop

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"I brought this book home to my family and they loved how we expressed our experiences of Chicago."

Noble Network of Charter Schools


In collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art, this project was developed over the course of an academic calendar to serve an inner-city community in Chicago.  As an educator, I was struck by the lack of attendance from supportive families at art exhibitions that celebrated students' creativity, expression, and hard work.  Through conversations with members of the community, I learned the gallery setting was an intimidating space for non-english speakers, preventing a level of comfort within the gallery space.  As a result, I designed a book that contained poetry and artwork by students at the school, which were taken home and shared more intimately and comfortably with families.

This project was presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art on June 6th, 2016. 


Museum of Contemporary Art
Noble Network of Charter Schools
Chicago Public Schools

Project Outputs


The central concept behind this project is to document student poetry and artwork in streamlined formats, so they can be presented in the form of a book so these artworks can be distributed and shared throughout a community.


Book, design template, lesson plan


Lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art


"This book proves how creative our kids are and how proud they are of growing up in our community."

Noble Network of Charter Schools

Client & Community Outcomes


By creating an opportunity for students to create a book that could be distributed in their communities, families with english as a second language could experience the artwork being created at the school more comfortably.


As a result of this project, the community became more supportive of the visual arts and creative writing.