“Ephemeral to Eternal” Exhibition

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"It was fun taking photographs from my phone and turning them into something physical."



Inspired by painted photographs featured in the Loyola University Museum of Art’s exhibition William Utermohlen: A Persistence of Memory, students were shown Utermohlen’s hand-painted photographs in a workshop to conceptually and artistically explore the relationship between temporary and permanent imagery.  In the age of Snapchat and disposable digital images, museum practices are distinct in their focus on conservation and preservation.  The completed student artworks were showcased in a special exhibition titled “Ephemeral to Eternal” at the Loyola University Art Museum.


Loyola University Museum of Art

Project Outputs


Museum exhibition, hands-on workshop, curator lecture, art opening


"We can't believe she has her artwork in a museum!"

Parent of Student

Client & Community Outcomes


By creating an opportunity to connect work in the classroom with a museum exhibition and an opportunity to exhibit artwork professionally, students gained confidence in contemporary art methods.


Students took risks in applying paint to their photographs to created contemporary artworks.