Workshops for Educators & Community Leaders


"We need to help teachers and administrators strategize ways to create exhibitions that advocate for their students."

Associate Director of Admissions
School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Over the course of 3 years, I facilitated workshops for educators and community leaders to address systemic problems in their communities by helping them advocate for younger generations, collaboratively build solutions, and build community partnerships.


Art Institute of Chicago

Selected Presentation Samples

Project Outputs


Curriculum, presentations, discussion guides, and educational resources.

Selected Workshop Themes

Advocacy Through Exhibition
Collaborative Creative Thinking
Designing Portfolios for Impact


"There are so many artists in our community creating provocative work. How do we showcase that?"

School Administrator
Chicago Public Schools

Client & Community Outcomes


By utilizing exhibitions as a way to advocate for community members instead of for entertainment, exhibitions are perceived as a starting point for public dialogue.

Art and design portfolios can be maximized by students to earn scholarships.


By collaborating with community members to solve problems, we are thinking beyond our specialties and utilize insights to investigate solutions as opposed to their own perspectives.