Strategic National Arts Alumni Project


"For the first time, SNAAP results will allow us to see how high-quality, deep training in the arts guides professional careers of creative Amerian citizens."

Sarah Bainter Cunningham
Executive Director for Research at VCU and former Arts Education Director of the National Endowment for the Arts


From 2010-2012, I designed nationally pushed reports, referenced in The SmithsonianThe New York TimesThe Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Wall Street Journal.  I also designed reports for over 200 art schools across the United States, including the Rhode Island School of Design, The Art Institute of Chicago, Savannah College of Art & Design, and nine campuses at the University of California.

Our mission was to research and report on the life paths of art school alumni from architecture, design, music, visual art, drama to help schools evaluate and improve their programming.  The data from our research was analyzed and visualized in reports both online and in print.


National Endowment for the Arts
Center for Postsecondary Research
Indiana University School of Education
Educational Foundation of America
Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation
Surdna Foundation

Project Outputs


By designing a survey and distributing to over 200 schools across the United States, data was accumulated and analyzed to understand the quality and results of arts & design education.  Reports featuring analyzed data was delivered back to the schools so they could improve their programming.  National aggregate reports featuring analyzed data was published to help policy-makers and philanthropic organizations make data-based decisions.


Surveys, marketing materials


National aggregate report, individual school reports, and data visualizations


“SNAAP is poised to become one of the signature accomplishments of our foundation in this decade. It will help a segment of the organizations we serve extend their long-term value to students and the fields into which they migrate. SNAAP's impact will only increase over time, and Surdna is pleased to support the project's talented administrators and policy analysts.”

Phillip Henderson
President of Surdna Foundation

Client & Community Outcomes


The goal of this project is to develop data about arts alumni that informs administrators and policy-makers decisions.  Overall, data provided insights into how arts & design education is successful and where it needs to be improved.


As a result of this project, policies have been influenced and schools have been improved from alumni-reported data.