Integrating Art History With Technology


"We need a strategic marketing plan to get people to these events and for those people to share what's happening with their social networks."

Al Lyons
Nonprofit Management Professor, School of Public & Environmental Affairs, Indiana University


This is the title of a seminar I conducted at the 2016 National Art Education Association (NAEA) Annual Conference and the 1st Annual Chicago Public Schools Arts Education Conference in April of 2015.

The goal of this session is to improve how teachers integrate art history in classrooms on a daily basis, building a knowledge base of art history students can contextualize.  I will share a method of practice which involves multiple approaches of group and class discussions, sketch studies, and how technology is used as the gateway to the exploration and discovery of art history that connects directly to teachers' curriculum.


Indiana University Theater & Drama
Bloomington Playwright Project
Indiana University Art Museum
African American Institute
Cardinal Stage Company
Jacobs School of Music


Project Outputs

Strategic Marketing Plan

A 6-month marketing strategy was utilized to increase awareness and attendance to events in a city-wide arts festival.  The audience would be provided ways to share their experiences with broader audiences to raise awareness.

Marketing Content

Mobile apps, blog articles, social media events and posts, radio announcements, newspaper ads, campus mail, posters


Mobile app


"For almost 30 years, Arts Week has recognized and showcased the splendid artistic talent that makes this campus and community such a special place."

Lauren Robel
Professor of Law; Provost, Indiana University, Bloomington; Executive Vice President, Indiana University

Client & Community Outcomes


The central concept was to develop an audience for the festival who would share their experiences with their immediate communities on social networking sites to raise awareness and engagement.


New students at Indiana University and those not engaged int he community weren't aware of the Arts Week Everywhere Festival.  We changed this by marketing the festival in multiple ways using print and digital media to develop an audience and increase engagement and attendance with events.