Your Art Here Mural

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"During these lush spring and summer months the billboard will offer Bloomington audiences a celebration of the season, a testament not only to the diversity of nature, but to the many forms of creativity that draw inspiration from our environment."

Natalie Hegert
Curatorial Director, Your Art Here


In 2013, I collaborated with Your Art Here, an Indiana-based non-profit public art organization to create an opportunity for the community in Bloomington, Indiana to engage in a public artwork that celebrated the environment.  Together, we designed an artwork that presented a collection of paintings from K-12 students at in Bloomington, Indiana.

The artwork was dedicated to arts administrator, Sophia Travis.


City of Bloomington, Indiana
K-12 Students
Your Art Here

Project Outputs


Public art, press release


"We want to celebrate the life of Sophia Travis, a great supporter of the arts and the community in Bloomington, Indiana."

Natalie Hegert
Curatorial Director, Your Art Here

Client & Community Outcomes


By creating an opportunity for students to work on a large-scale mural project, their collaborative efforts encouraged them to develop their best work and build confidence in their creativity.


As a result of this project, people experiencing the mural in the heart of the city of Bloomington, Indiana could celebrate the environment and the community's youth.