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Design for Feeling

Good design requires an experience that makes us feel good.

But, who markets the design, who will educate users on how to utilize the design, who will fix the design, and how will the design be retired after its lifetime has ended?  Every design has a life and users experience each phase of that life, so considering the entire ecosystem surrounding a design is paramount to how it makes them feel.

Furthermore, how will the design be experienced over time?  Learning how to use the design, mastering the use of the design, enjoying the design, and sharing the design with communities contributes to how we feel independently and in our at work, home, and learning environments.

Designed experiences can be readily found in some of our culture's most successful businesses:

  • Amazon

  • Apple

  • Disney

  • Google

  • Nordstrom

  • REI

Each of these companies offer an experience that makes us feel good time after time, building our trust, confidence, and mastery with using their designs.